Sunday, December 23, 2012

Bleach Captain Isshin Kurosaki Shinigami Cosplay Costume

This is the imposing bleach captian Isshin Kurosaki cosplay costume for imitating Ichigo’s father, the black and white colors, the captain’s haori, the typical Shinigami uniform and the sash would make us recall the cool image of Isshin Kurosaki as the powerful member of Soul Reaper.

It is really hard for us to relate the two guys, the Shinigami Isshin and the goofy father of Ichigo Kurosaki in our mind. But, generally, great people acts differently. Bleach Isshin is a tall muscular man with spiky black hair and brown eyes, plus there is thin facial hair around his mouth and on his cheeks. Isshin looks like a wacky and high-spirited father in his family most of the time. 

And we could find that bleach Isshin Kurosaki cosplay is an ideal choice for muscular and strong cosplayers, specifically those guys with whiskers.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Cool Bleach Espada Halibel Cosplay

Bleach Espada Halibel cosplay is one of the favorite and challenging choices for girls to show striking apperence at cons and all the other parties, especially an ideal choice for the dark-skinned or the tan skin females. 

Picture Credit
Bleach Espada Halibel is one of the characteristic girls among tons of other members in Soul Society, Human world and Hueco Mundo, the dark skin tone, jagged blonde hair with three braids, green eyes and the sexy Arrancar clothes, all of them make a noticeable Tier Halibel.

Cosplay bleach Espada Tier Halibel would be a great choice for those cosplayers who want to present somewhat revealing and sexy cosplay, of course, generally speaking, this type of imitation would attract more attentions, like this excellent cosplay girl. I love her Harribel and she also got a skilled photographer.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Epic Bleach Ulquiorra Cosplay

Have you tried the piercing bleach Ulquiorra cosplay? If you are one who prefer the odd and striking syle of cosplay, this bleach character would tickle your fancy. There is no denying that plenty of cosplay boys and girls are into this bleach cosplay. What matters most is the makeup on face; hence, we would be easily recognized by others only by our face. 

Of course, the cosplay costume is essential to Ulquiorra cosplay. Our cosplay would only be perfect if we make everything perfect. Take a look at the cosplayers in pictures, they make epic bleach Ulquiorra cosplay by great outfit, cool make up, suitable accessories and vivid poses.

This bleach espada cosplay is a great choice for both male and female impersonators as long as we are desirous to do the popular and noticeable cosplay.

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