Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Bleach Arrancar Tousen Kaname Hollow Cosplay Costume

Apart from the Arrancar uniform that is mentioned in the former post, there is this bleach Tousen Kaname Hollow cosplay costume, which is made up of white long coat without sleeves, white hollow mask and black gloves. This piece is some what the same as the Arrancar one except the scarf and the mask.

In terms of this cosplay outfit, it fits any of us as long as we like because that most of our body parts would be covered by the clothes. Hence, it is a good chance for the fans of Kaname to be the same as him without concerning the skin and other aspects. Hence, if you are looking for some type that would hide your skin, this one would be a good choice.
In addition, Tousen is a dark-skinned male character of bleach with clear goggles, hence, if you just have such features and want to find the look-alike guy, this bleach cosplay is a great choice for you.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Vivid Bleach Espada Ulquiorra Cosplay

This is, wow, really vivid bleach Ulquiorra cosplay, do you agree with me? And there are indeed a lot of excellent Ulquiorra cosplayers including boys and girls. It is never too late to cosplay our favorite character (one friend asks me that if it is too late to cosplay the character that is from the old series), the same as this bleach espada.
Picutre Credit

Ulquiorra Cifer is one of the imoressive and popular bleach characters in the heart of the fans of anime and cosplay. He is the Espada cuatro in Aizen’s group. His classical and impressive outside appearance make him quite welcomed by boys and girls, including short black hair, pale white skin and green eyes with green lines that descend from the lower part of his eyes.
This cosplayer makes a stunning and natural Ulquiorra by the perfect make up and cosplay costume. Personally, I am really attracted by this bleach cosplay.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Bleach Arrancar Kaname Tousen White and Black Cosplay Costume

There are several cosplay dresses for Kaname Tousen. And as the picture shows, this bleach arrancar Tousen white and black cosplay costume is one of the typical outfits that Kaname wears in this series, which is in the form of white kimono without sleeves, black hakama, long black gloves, orange scarf, along with the accessories tabi socks and straw sandles.

As for this bleach cosplay, it is an ideal choice for the dark-skinned or brown-skinned impersonators, because Tousen has dark skin and dark braids. And it is also an easy cosplay for boys and girls to display the characteristic appearance by wearing the simple clothes. Hence, if you are looking for some type that is in keeping with your skin tone, this one would be a good choice.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Sexy Bleach Nel Cosplay Girls

When speaking the cute and sexy bleach girls, Nel (her full name is Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck) would be one of the characters that come to our mind. Bleach Nel cosplay is also a well-liked choice for girls including kids and young. It is because of this fact that there are two identity of Nel in this series, one is the child form and another is the adult form. Nelliel looks quite kawaii in her kids form, big eyes and short lake blue hair, along with a cartoon-like skull on her head while the hair becomes long when she is in adult form, and she is pretty curvaceous with large breasts.

Hence, as for Nelliel cosplay, there are several cosplay costumes for it. And the cosplay girls in the pictures are showing sexy bleach cosplay by the different clothes. If you just have little sister or daughter, bring them to the party with you, yeah, you would probably become the focus of the activity and you would get much fun!
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