Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Sexy Bleach Sui Feng Cosplay Girls

Here again are some sexy and beautiful bleach Sui Feng cosplays in fighting suit that I want to share with you. We know that there are two typical cosplay costumes of this bleach character, one is the captain uniform of the 2nd Division, which is cool, and another one is the outfit that these sexy cosplay girls wear in the pictures, namely, the black fighting suit.

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The same as many of the boys and girls of Bleach, cosplay Soi Fong is relatively an easy type for girls to present recognizable and sexy looks.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Simple Bleach Visored Love Aikawa Cosplay Costume

Hey, big cosplayers and guys who has afro, this bleach Visored Love Aikawa cosplay costume would be an ideal choice for you to be eye-catching and recognizable with simple clothes, contains blue jacket with zip at the front and the matching trousers.

Obviously, it is really an easy cosplay. As one of the one members of Visored, Bleach Love Aikawa is a tall man at the height of 189cm and also the former Captain of 7th Division of Shinigami. He has brown eyes and often wears mirrored sunglasses.

    This jogging suit is the typical one that Love wears as the member of Visored, and he also has Hollow mask in battle. Hence, this bleach cosplay is really a great choice for black and big cosplayers.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Cute Bleach School Girls Cosplay

Anime girl in school uniform is a kind of popular fashion in the world of Anime and cosplay. And school uniform cosplay is also one of the easiest styles for both boys and girls, with no exception of bleach school girl cosplay. The main characters of Bleach also have school life, hence there are corresponding cosplays.
Here are the Rukia, Rangiku and Orihime cosplay girls in school uniform. And those Rukia Kuchiki girls are quite vivid and noticeable. Which one do you like best?

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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Bleach Captain of the 13th Division Ukitake Jushiro Cosplay Costume

Bleach captain Ukitake Jushiro is one of the characteristic cosplays for boys and girls, due to the long white hair and delicate face, it is great choice for cosplay girls. What is more, this is a popular and easy type for cosplayers.

And this classic white bleach captain of the 13th division Ukitake Jushiro cosplay costume is composed of composed of white cloak, black kimono and white belt and the long white wig. Dislike many other captains, Ukitake looks quite weak but not muscular because of his illness in the aspect of his appearance, but he is also a powerful captain. Bleach Ukitake is a tall but bloodless man with long white hair and green eyes. Ukitake gains high reputation in Soul Society and is well-respected by others in Soul Society. 

If you want to be a beautiful male bleach captain, Ukitake Jushiro is a good choice. If you are into the male character with long white hair, try bleach Ukitake Jushiro.
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