Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Those Cool White-haired Bleach Cosplay Boys and Girls

We could that there are always such kind of girls or boys with white or silver hairdo in every series, with no exception of Bleach, there are also some male and female characters have white or silver hair in different styles. At the same time, they are the popular cosplay choices for cosplayers to enjoy interesting imitation because they generally are characteristic and distinctive.

What are the weill-liked cosplays of bleach boys and girls with white hair? Gin Ichimaru would be the top three, and probably his narrow eyes are the main reason why cosplayers are so into him. The Hollow or White Ichigo Kurosaki could never be ignored by us, the white hair, face and clothes are so eye-catching. And we could see Hitsugaya cosplay here and there; he is quite impressive in the whole series. White hair is a kind of fashion in manga, anime and cosplay.

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