Monday, September 26, 2011

Bleach Uryū Ishida Recovered Cosplay Costume

It is easy for us to recognize this bleach Uryu Ishida cosplay costume when look at the picture. As one of the main bleach characters, Uryu is a black-haried guy with a pair of glasses. And he is impressive to me for his quiet personality and skillful needlework. As for Uryu cosplay, this cosplay outfit is also one of your best choices for the show. Since I have mentioned another Uryu outfit which is in the form of white jacket and black trousers along with white belt in the former post, this is a totally different style of clothing that is composed of white coat together with the white fanon, white pants and gloves while a blue stripe around the waist.
As we know that Uryu is a man of individuality, the same does his accoutrements. Of course, this bleach cosplay costume is one of the distinctive suits. And there are different apparels of Uryu in the series, which meets the need of the cosplayers who want to try dissimilar clothes when impersonating one character.
In fact, when we do the exact cosplay it is because that we are really into that character or there are something attractive to us that we want to imitate. In this way, in the matter of bleach Uryu, he is also a charming boy in the eyes of many of the impersonators. What about you?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Bleach 2nd Division Captain Soi Fong Cosplay Costume

This is the set of the bleach 2nd division captain Soi Fong cosplay costume in the picture which contains the white overcoat (haori), Kimono, socks, the belt and sandals. Right, I have talked about another suit about her that is the bleach Soi Fon fighting cosplay outfit in the former post. And of course the two pieces are totally different from each other. And each of them displays its unique appeal in the eyes of the cosplayers.
Ok, today’s topic is on the captain uniform, so let’s go to the point. It is well-known that Sion Fon is such kind of girl, who is completely a tomboy from the aspect of her outer appearance and her behavior. And what is more, she is well-known in the Soul Society for her high speed movement, shunpō. In a word, she is a skill Soul Reaper that she could be competent for the Captain of the 2nd Division.
This Soi Fong apparel is the mark of her capability. Cosplay Bleach Soi Fong is great choice for the Halloween and a way to express your affection to this bleach charater. The captain uniform would make you feel the same her in the Soul Society.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Friday, September 9, 2011

Where to Get the Bleach Cosplay Costumes for Your Halloween?

Bleach Soul Reaper Cosplay Costume
As one of the royal and traditional festivals, Halloween without doubt is one of the significant times for you in the whole year. And here, I would like to suggest you do the bleach cosplay in the great occasion. There are so many different distinctive characters for your choice, so probably you could find your favorite easily. One the other hand, it is obvious that each of the roles has already gianed their own fans since the appearance. In this way, all you have to do is to get the cosplay costume for the activity. 
Bleach Grimmjow Cosplay Costume
And then where to get the bleach cosplay outfit is the crucial problem, right? Of course, some of the cosplayers are good at sewing, so make the uniform on their own is one way. Another is to buy it form the stores if you are not a good tailor at all. And again, I highly recommend you the online shop to purchase your suits. By means of the online one, which means you could save a lot of time and money. What is more, there are more choices offered. You could get the ideal apparel at last with the cheapeast price and the best quality.
Boys and girls, come on, it is time for you to get the magical bleach cosplay costumes now. Halloween is a chance to show you to others. Enjoy yourself!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Bleach 10th Division Captain Toushiro Hitsugaya Cosplay Costume and the Wig

As we know, all the bleach captain uniforms are the same except one thing that is the number marked at the back of the clothes. In this way, the bleach 10th division captain Toushiro Hitsugaya cosplay costume looks the same as the other captains’, for example, the 3rd Division Captain Gin Ichimaru cosplay outfit, which is made up of white cape, Kimono and the belt and we can see it clearly form the picture shows here. Even so we still could tell them apart beacause that each of them has their distinctive appearance and personality.
In terms of Hitsugaya, he is indeed a great boy at the age of 13 in human life and the youngst captian, so he is a genius but is short in stature. What is more, he is mature and serious all the time. His silver hair and emerald eyes make him eye-catching. Hence, as for the cosplay, aside from the cosplay costume, the wig is another crucial element. If you don’t wear the corresponding wig which would lead to great confusion with other members.
If you are gonna cosplay bleach Hitsugaya, don’t forget to put on the silver spinous cosplay wig. And then you will display an enjoyable bleach cosplay show.
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