Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Bleach 2nd Division Captain Soi Fong Cosplay Costume

This is the set of the bleach 2nd division captain Soi Fong cosplay costume in the picture which contains the white overcoat (haori), Kimono, socks, the belt and sandals. Right, I have talked about another suit about her that is the bleach Soi Fon fighting cosplay outfit in the former post. And of course the two pieces are totally different from each other. And each of them displays its unique appeal in the eyes of the cosplayers.
Ok, today’s topic is on the captain uniform, so let’s go to the point. It is well-known that Sion Fon is such kind of girl, who is completely a tomboy from the aspect of her outer appearance and her behavior. And what is more, she is well-known in the Soul Society for her high speed movement, shunpō. In a word, she is a skill Soul Reaper that she could be competent for the Captain of the 2nd Division.
This Soi Fong apparel is the mark of her capability. Cosplay Bleach Soi Fong is great choice for the Halloween and a way to express your affection to this bleach charater. The captain uniform would make you feel the same her in the Soul Society.

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