Monday, September 5, 2011

Bleach 10th Division Captain Toushiro Hitsugaya Cosplay Costume and the Wig

As we know, all the bleach captain uniforms are the same except one thing that is the number marked at the back of the clothes. In this way, the bleach 10th division captain Toushiro Hitsugaya cosplay costume looks the same as the other captains’, for example, the 3rd Division Captain Gin Ichimaru cosplay outfit, which is made up of white cape, Kimono and the belt and we can see it clearly form the picture shows here. Even so we still could tell them apart beacause that each of them has their distinctive appearance and personality.
In terms of Hitsugaya, he is indeed a great boy at the age of 13 in human life and the youngst captian, so he is a genius but is short in stature. What is more, he is mature and serious all the time. His silver hair and emerald eyes make him eye-catching. Hence, as for the cosplay, aside from the cosplay costume, the wig is another crucial element. If you don’t wear the corresponding wig which would lead to great confusion with other members.
If you are gonna cosplay bleach Hitsugaya, don’t forget to put on the silver spinous cosplay wig. And then you will display an enjoyable bleach cosplay show.

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