Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Noticeable Bleach Love Aikawa Cosplay

Although Love Aikawa in Bleach has simple anime costume, his noticeable hairstyle would be really impressive. As one of the members of Visored, Rabu Aikawa has funny spiked afro in black color and wears the simple green jogging outfit, plus mirrored sunglasses all the time.

And as the captain of the 7th Division 110 years ago, Love has classic rounded afro hair and wore the standard Shinigami uniform and dark-lensed sunglasses. Obviously, if you are quite tall and have similar afro hairdo with bleach Love Aikawa, and also looking for easy cosplay idea, to dress up as this bleach character would be really interesting.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Cool Bleach Shinigami Aizen Sousuke Cosplay

picture credit

Which form of bleach Aizen Sousuke do you prefer, the Shinigami or the Arrancar? Probably, each Aizen would gain a good many fans. Either the good and gentle man or the badass boss has respective charm. As for cosplay bleach Aizen, cosplayers display different looks and feelings by doing different forms of this bleach guy.

picture credit

Anyhow, we could always see the cool Aizen Sousuke in front of us, just like these cosplayers who are displaying the Shinigami Aizen.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Bleach Rangiku Matsumoto Cosplay Contest of Novermber

picture credit

      There is one lady in Bleach, who is sexy, beautiful, cool and dependable, and she is also uninhibited and outspoken, yes, you must guess her name, Rangiku Matsumoto, the lieutenant of the 10th Division in Gotei 13. Obviously, cosplay bleach Rangiku has become one of the idealest ideas for girls to be sexy and identifiable.

     It’s the end of November in the year of 2014 now, let’s hold a contest and vote for these noticeable bleach Rangiku cosplay girls, so who is the winner in your heart?

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