Monday, August 18, 2014

Cool Bleach Esapada Ulquiorra Cosplay

As the 4th Espada in Aizen’s Army of Arrancar, Ulquiorra Cifer is a powerful and cruel guy, meanwhile, he is a popular bleach character in the eyes of tons of boys and girls, with no exception of lots of cosplayers. There are always so many males and females obsessed with bleach Ulquiorra cosplay.
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The heavy and impressive make up and the cool arrancar uniform could make any of us recognizable, and we could enjoy so much fun by dressing up as this badass.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Good Bleach Shinji Hirako Cosplay

It looks like that there is one or more special characters in each anime that acts or looks feminine and has attract a large number of boys and girls although he is not the hero. Bleach Shinji Hirako is such kind of character. As the captian of the 5th Division in the Gotei 13, Shinji Hirako has quite long and smooth hair and looks somewhat feminine. Cosplay bleach Shinji becomes a great choice to girls.
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And he cut the long hair short with straight cut but still looks beautiful as the leader of Visored. And he generally wears tie, short and pants, plus newsboy cap and long coat.

There are different simple anime costumes for us to cosplay bleach Shinji Hirako. And these cosplayers show us good and vivid looks by attiring the distinctive hairstyle and costume.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Lovely Bleach Arrancar Lilinette Gingerbuck Cosplay Girls

     There is one special bleach arrancar girl who is not that powerful as most of the members in Aizen’ team, and she is also not in large or exaggerated form, but she is impressive enough because of her cute looks and personality. Yes, she is Lilynette Gingerbuck, a part of Starrk Coyote’s power. Cosplay bleach Lilinette is a good idea for skinny and cute cosplayers all the time.

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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sexy Bleach Shiba Kuukaku Cosplay Girls

These sexy, cool and characteristic girls in Bleach are one of the mian reasons why there are so many people fond of the series of Bleach. And when it comes to the hot and impressive ladies in the story, Shiba Kuukaku must be one of them, she is cool and sexy, and of course cosplay Shiba is an ideal choice for girls who are busty and willing to wear recealing amime costume.
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The messy black hair, the white headband, the sexy costume, and the white bandage around his legs are quite noticeable. In addition, she is very aggressive and violent. How would you rate these bleach Shiba Kuukaku cosplay girls?

Friday, July 18, 2014

What are the Popular Bleach Ichigo Cosplay Forms?

Have cosplayed all the forms of bleach Ichigo Kurosaki? What are the popular choices of this bleach character in your heart? We could find that there are really so many different Ichigo cosplays all the time.
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Ichigo in simple Shinigami uniform with the large sword is one of the most popular ideas for people who are looking for easy but noticeable cosplay. The Bankai form could make us quite cool by wearing simple anime costume. In addition, white Ichigo cosplay is such a noticeable idea because we would be in white except eyes. And the Final Getsuga Tenshou bleach Ichigo has all black things includes the hair.

Apart from these forms that have been metioned above, the hollow mask is suitable for different Ichigo Kurosaki cosplays.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Cute Bleach Adult Nel and Kid Nel Cosplay

Bleach Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck cosplay has the simplest anime costume for girls to be cute or sexy. And if you just have a little sister or daughter, it is really fun to cosplay bleach Nel with her, namely, you dress up as the adult Nel while she is the kid one.
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There is no denying that kid’s cosplay is always quite adorable and could attract people’s fous easily among a sea of cosplayers. These two girls who are dressing up as the adult and kid Nel are very cute and lovely. I love the little one so much.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Bleach School Girl Chizuru Honsho Cosplay

Do you remember the special girl who has short red hair and wears red-framed glasses in Bleach? Her name is Chizuru Honsho, a proud lesbian, who hugs Orihime Inoue every chance she gets. She is the classmate of Ichigo Kurosaki at Karakura High School.

      Comparing with these main characters of Bleach, there are not ao many cosplay girls obsessed with this girl. But it is also fun to cosplay this cute school girl. Here are some good bleach Chizuru Honsho cosplay shots. 
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