Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Bleach Renji’s Zanpakuto Saru and Hebi Cosplay

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There is an impressive and interesting couple in the part of Zanpakuto Rebellion in Bleach, one is a tall and curcaceous woman with light mallow hair extends to ankles and wears green fur covering most of her body with her chest and abdomen exposed, yeah, she is Saru, a Minkey, has light green eyes, and there is the chain wrapped around her waist. Meanwhile, the boy named Hebi, a Snake, has blue eyes, short red hair and triangular white ears; he dresses a white and yellow robe, in addition, the long white tail is quite noticeable.
picture credit
We know that Saru and Hebi are the manifestations of Zabimaru, Renji Abarai’s Zanpakuto. Cosplay bleach Zanpakuto is one of the intriguing ideas for girls and boys to display eye-catching looks besides the Shinigami uniforms and other uniforms of bleach.

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