Saturday, September 28, 2013

Cool Bleach Soul Reaper Rukia Cosplay

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This bleach soul reaper Rukia Kuchiki cosplay is really impressive, do you agree? On my part, I think this girl does great job and she represent us a vivid and cool Rikua. Although there are so many Rukia cosplays at various types of party and conventions, not so many of them could really show lively one, some of them need a better wig or need to style their real hair more properly, and some of them just don’t have the similar face or body shape with bleach Rukia.

However, this cosplay girl shows us a precise Rukia Kichiki, the hair (maybe she wears a wig), the soul reaper uniform and the special effect are great.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Simple Bleach Uryuu Purple Cosplay Costume

Different from most of the other anime costumes, this purple bleach Uryuu Ishida cosplay costume is in quite a simple style, which is in the form of shirt with short sleeves and black pants, plus the white bandage. Obviously, this outfit would be a good choice for cosplayers who want to do a casual cosplay and don’t want to be a shining participant. And a lof of people would just consider you as a common people if you don’t have the similar build, face and hairstyle with Uryuu Ishida.

However, if you are still could stand out and be recognized by others easily, which just show that you are really an excellent cosplayer and do everything great on this bleach cosplay. But, if you are a huge fan of Uryuu Ishida, everything about him would be quite special and a must-try for you.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Beautiful Bleach Nel Cosplay Girl

There are always so many beautiful and sexy bleach Nel cosplay girls. Probably, one of the main reasons is that this bleach girl has distinctive appearance and simple costume. The long, curl blue hair, the ragged short top and mini skirt and busty figure, along with skull headwear, all of them are noticeable enough at any occasion. Therefore, cosplay bleach Nel is a must-try for sexy girls.

And this bleach Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck cosplay looks quite beautiful and close to the imitated character. This is one of the best examples of good cosplay in simple clothes.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Bleach Dark Rukia Cosplay Costume for Halloween

Are you ready for Halloween 2013? If you are still in searching of good ideas, bleach dark Rukia would be an ideal choice for cosplay girls who are into the cool, characteristic and weapon. Take a look at this bleach cosplay costume, which is totally different from the standard Shinigami uniform or the school girls’s outfit in Bleach, and it could really help us be an outstanding Rukia Kuchiki.
The long style costume and the large weapon are eye-catching all the way at any party or conventions. What is more, if you are a fan of bleach Rukia Kuchiki, and then it is a great idea for you to show an imposing and beautiful Rukia on this Halloween.
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