Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Bleach Rukia Kuchiki Cosplay

Umm, I have to admit that this bleach Rukia cosplay looks really the same as the character Rukia Kuchiki. This girl has Rukia’s face, right? She has a pair of big eyes, what is more, it looks like that she does not wear a wig, and instead, it is her real hair, which makes her more vivid and natural. I love her cosplay.
More often than not, we have to wear the wig of our favorite character because that we have different hair color or hairdo, and most of the time, we cannot style it naturally or make it satisfies our eyes. In this way, it would be much better if we cosplay the look-alike character and also our favorite character at the same time.
On my part, cosplay bleach Rukia is not so easy as we thought. Generally, what's reached in the end may be worse than what was proposed. So we should think it over and make good preparation before we go about the cosplay if we really want to get a noticeable result.

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