Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bleach Yoruichi Shihouin Shunko Uniform Cosplay Costume

Yoruichi Shihouin is a female Shinigami in Bleach, and she appears firstly in a black cat form. There are more than one cosplay costumes about her because of the complicated plots. And now I want to say something about one of them, namely, the bleach Yoruichi Shihouin Shunko uniform for cosplay, which is composed of black top, matching pants, waistband, and scarf together with wrist protectors.
If you want to show excellent bleach Yoruichi Shihouin cosplay in the show, and here is my suggestion. In the first place, you must have a tan and be in a good shape and then can you portray a similar Yoruichi Shihoin from the outside looks. For example, if you are a girl has much fat or your skin is black or else and I must tell you that this piece doesn’t suit you, however the condition is that you wanner a similar one and a perfect result. And then is when you have this attire on with a good appearance is not enough, besides the outfit you need to other things, such as the facial expressions, the behaviors and the speeches should be the same as her in the anime.
 In the last place, on my part, this bleach cosplay costume will suit those girls who act like a boy in their daily life, that is to say you must be a cowboy girl so that you could display the special temperament of Yoruichi. What do you think of this costume?

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bleach Orihime Inoue Arrancar Cosplay Costume

Bleach Arrancar Orihime cosplay costume features distinctively comparing with other Arrancars’. As one of the main characters, Orihime Inoue also gives us an impressive feeling after the first meeting. It is because of the fact that she holds obvious trait. The long orange brown hair with a pair of special hairpins which is the gift given by his brother, plus her large breasts are the most notable feature of her as well as in this series.

Of course, this is one of the apparels about her in Bleach, when looking at this piece and it is somewhat eye-catching and interesting. The whole design is not so simple and special, like the sleeves, the neck, the bottom, the cut of the clothing and the line-styled looks, which give us a kind of dashing and easeful feeling, besides, it could fully presents the female particular glamour. In this way, cosplaying bleach Orihime Inoue with this cosplay dress will be something fantastic, for that it could not only portray your favorite Orihime, but also could display your charming body shape in the show, why not do it!
Still, there are many other bleach Orihime Inoue cosplay outfits for your cosplay, and which one you want to don all depends on you. And if you want to suggest me your favorite one, you are welcomed here!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Chad from Bleach and the Cosplay Costumes

Chad, his really name is Sad Yasutora, who is one of the main characters from the Bleach, in which he is Ichigo’s friend at school. Chad saved Ichigo’s life when some villains attacked him and that was the first time they met. When speaking of him, what is the most impressive thing about him in your mind? As for me, that is his power and his strong body. The first one is that, when the heavy plate falls on his body, it is unbelievably that he does not lose his life except with only minor injuries. And another occasion is that he actually could knock down the Hollow with his fist.
What is more, Chad wears wavy brown hair and is quite tall among the other students. As a matter of fact, he has a soft and kind heart even though he seems grim from the outside appearance. And in terms of bleach Chad cosplay costumes, there are really many of them, Such as the pink shirt, white sleeveless jacket, the white middle length shirt and others, on my part, if we are going to cosplay him, the most important thing that we should highlight is the hair and the body shape as well as the skin. And as long as these aspects are the same as him, we have got the vital part of the cosplay. How do you think?

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Whom does This Bleach Cosplay Costume belong to?

Take a look at this cosplay costume, the white jacket and black trousers with an ingenuity design. Guess who wears this suit in bleach? If you could speak out the character at the first glance, aha, you are really a zealous bleach fan. Right, it is one of the typical cosplay outfits of Uryū Ishida, one of the main male roles from Bleach. He is in the top position of his class and is generally quiet and shy but has a strong interest in sewing.
As for cosplaying bleach Uryū, this clothing is one of the ideal choices for you. And if you are going to participate in the show, you may take a consideration about it. This Uryū bleach cosplay costume, of course is one of his cosplay attires, features a special appeal and style. Although there will be a lot of other distinctive pieces in the show, and this one also could hold a good many of cosplayers’ interest. In addition, if you are the fandom of Uryū, you could feel the same as him in Bleach.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Start Your Bleach Soi Fon Cosplay with the Fighting Costume

At present, I find that there are many of the cosplay girls are looking forward to a kind of cosplay costume that features an uncommon feeling of female. Generally, girl displays a sort of feminine characteristics which is the distinct difference from the male. However, some of the girls are not really into this style, on the contrary, they usually act like a boy in the aspect of behavior, appearance and speech, they are the hoyden or tomboy.
And then here, the bleach Soi Fon cosplay is the right one. In terms of Soi Fon, she is quite calm and is refrained from talking a long with a cool appearance. Moreover, she is a short girl but has abundant energy and high speed movement. Absolutely, she is the ideal selection for portraying a tomboy-like role, and it would be a fabulous cosplay that could show your appeal to the fullest.
When it comes to the cosplay outfit, without any doubt, the  Bleach Soi Fon Cosplay Fighting Costume is the first choice for the activity. The suit is composed of black long skirt with yellow belt and separate arm covers, which is indeed a simple but reveals a spell able charm. Then, if you just right seek for a character or cosplay apparel that could display a feeling of tomboy, I suggest this one.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Bleach Video

Ichigo is really full of power and energy as he is in the fighting, and he is so string and virile in my heart. Everything about him is extraordinarily charming and attractive. From this video, no more than five minutes, he is glamorous enough to arouse the urge to cosplay him in the show for the purpose of expressing the intense emotion of Ichigo as well as portraying ourselves as the human being who has the supernatural power.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Bleach Urahara Kisuke Cosplay Costumes

In terms of Urahara cosplay costumes, the typical accoutrement is in the form of wooden sandals; a white and green hat covers his eyes, a cane for the use of hiding the shikomizue named Benihime always with him, green kimono and pants, black robe and a little folding fan, which displays a unique image.   
In a manner of speaking, as a male, the figure of Urahara shows a sort of special charm both to the girls and boys. He smiles all the time, which gives others a kind of warmth, it seems that we could free from all the troubles and wearies in our life. Moreover, he is quite talented that all the things he finishes are the result of thoughtful and careful thoughts. As a matter of fact, he is handsome as long as we take a particular observation, and we could easily find that, his purposeful and soft stare, the gesture of drawing sword and many other traits he possesses. 
In the matter of the cosplay, just because of these natures Urahara has, boys are enamored with him. By means of portraying him, they could not only feel the same as him in Bleach, but also could reveal their own appeal as much as possible. More often than not, there is a sort of unique scene that is displayed by the cosplay boys in the show, something magic or something mysterious.
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