Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Cute Bleach Yachiru Kusajishi Cosplay

Cosplay Bleach Yachiru Kusajishi is one of the best choices for the cute and small cosplay girls. Of course, any of us could do this type of bleach cosplay as long as we like. It seems that Yachiru attracts all kinds of cosplayers to pour their enthusiasm to do the imitation. Indeed, she is really kawaii girl with impressive outside appearance among the other main bleach characters. 

Bleach Yachiru is the lieutenant of the 11th Division with mid-length pink hair and is short in stature. In addition, she usually acts a carefree and happy girl. So her adoable personality and cute appearance allure a good many of impersonators to imitate her in the shows.
The cute cosplay girl in the picture is really charming and could be one of the best cosplayers. We have to admit that she possesses the similar faces and outside looks as Yachiru, additionally, the pink wig and the cosplay costume are also suitable for her. She looks the same as what he is cosplaying. I love her cosplay.

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