Monday, June 20, 2011

Chad from Bleach and the Cosplay Costumes

Chad, his really name is Sad Yasutora, who is one of the main characters from the Bleach, in which he is Ichigo’s friend at school. Chad saved Ichigo’s life when some villains attacked him and that was the first time they met. When speaking of him, what is the most impressive thing about him in your mind? As for me, that is his power and his strong body. The first one is that, when the heavy plate falls on his body, it is unbelievably that he does not lose his life except with only minor injuries. And another occasion is that he actually could knock down the Hollow with his fist.
What is more, Chad wears wavy brown hair and is quite tall among the other students. As a matter of fact, he has a soft and kind heart even though he seems grim from the outside appearance. And in terms of bleach Chad cosplay costumes, there are really many of them, Such as the pink shirt, white sleeveless jacket, the white middle length shirt and others, on my part, if we are going to cosplay him, the most important thing that we should highlight is the hair and the body shape as well as the skin. And as long as these aspects are the same as him, we have got the vital part of the cosplay. How do you think?

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