Sunday, November 8, 2015

Cool Bleach Hollow Ichigo Kurosaki Cosplay

Cosplay bleach Hallow Ichigo Kurosaki would always make cosplayers quite imposing and eye-catching. And this bleach character would be one of the most interesting and popular ideas with boys and girls all the time, although there are so many pop and typical characters, and more and more are created.
As for me, Bleach is one of my favorites among countless other series, and there is no one could replace it in my heart, yah, it is unique. Ichigo Kurosaki also is one of my favorite characters. In the same way, cosplay bleach Ichigo could bring us special and irreplaceable fun, that’s why there are so many people dressing up as Ichigo Kurosaki all the time.
    This is the cool bleach hollow Ichigo cosplay that is done by Chinese cosplayer Muyeshuang (find more cosplays here).

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