Thursday, August 25, 2011

Bleach Shinji Hirako Cosplay Costume

One of the bleach Shijin Hirako cosplay costumes is made up of black shirt, overcoat, white and black stripe tie, pants and belt, which is the accoutrement he wears when he is in the form of Hollowification. On my part, this is the most handsome Shijin although he is handsome all the way. The imposing and cool overcoat or the shirt is quite attractive.

Bleach Shinji Hirako Cosplay Costume
What impress us mostly are his yellow mushroom hair, even teeth and the big mouth. He also has slim bodyshape and charming smile. Shijin is perfect in his adherents, such as he is brave, elegant, intelligent, youthful, responsible and just. As a result, a lot of the cosplayers focus their attention on this bleach character. One of main reasons is that Shijin is really characteristic and different from the other roles in this seriers. Anyone of us could imitate him just because of one simple reason, for example his hairdo is interesting or the exact dress is attractive.
If you want to be cool and imposing in the show, this bleach cosplay outfit is your best choice.

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