Monday, August 1, 2011

White Bleach Rukia School Uniform Cosplay Costume

       What do you think of this bleach Rukia school uniform the cosplay girl wears? This cosplay outfit is composed of white shirt with middle length sleeves, downturned collar and red bowtie plus grey ruffled skirt, which is really a typical and pretty school uniform.
Cosplayer in bleach Rukia cosplay costume
Rukia is such kind of girl who has a pair of big eyes with violet-colored eyes and wears short hairdo. Additionally, her cute faces and innocent eyes strengthen her cuteness that she looks more like a student. In terms of her appearance, she is be petite and pale, and if you are going to cosplay Rukia in the pursuit of resemblance, you’d better take your own outside looks into consideration.

Cosplay Rukis could not only fulfill our desire to impersonate Rukia for the purpose of expressing our affection to her in the show, but also could help some of us find back the good days at school. That would be wonderful! Once you have this bleach cosplay costume on, you will absorb the attention of the other bleach cosplayers in the activity.

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