Sunday, July 17, 2011

Bleach Rukia Kuchiki White and Blue Cosplay Dress

I have discussed the Bleach Rukia Kuchiki cosplay costumes in general in the former post. And here I would like to talk something about the certain piece, namely the Rukia cosplay dress. Speaking of this suit, what would you think of it?
Actually, this white and blue Rukia dress without sleeves is peculiar to her and we won’t think of anybody else except Rukia. The blue top with the notched lapel and the rest is sepereted by the red line on the chest, which is different from the common pattern. From the top, it looks like a sport wear, but from the rest part it is really a skirt. The figure of Rukia would come to my mind at the exact moment I see this dress.
Rukia is not so pretty or sexy or in good as some of the female characters of Bleach, however she has a special and her glamour is beyond discription, and it seems than there is something magic about her and I cannot help being mad for her. Cosplay bleach Rukia could bring us much meaning and joyment. This apparel is simple, but just because it belongs to the kind, tough, right-minded and the independent girl, Rukia, and then it has an irresistible charm.

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