Friday, July 1, 2011

Bleach Yoruichi Shihoin Shunpo Cosplay Costume

This is another bleach Yoruichi Shihoin Shunpo cosplay costume, a typical clothing of her in Bleach, which contains black undershirt without sleeves, orange V-necked jacket with three-quarter sleeves while two white straps on each shoulder and the black pants, and it is used for stealth and Shunpo which is a kind of high-speed movement ability. And this attire is quite different from the former one that I talked in the former post.
In the eyes of the Yoruichi Shihoin devotees, she is beautiful, smart, powerful and capable. Meanwhile, she is a woman of individuality and turns on an outstanding glamour. In a word, Yoruichi is a great cospaly character and attracts a lot of cosplayers to carry on such portraying.
And this Yoruichi cosplay outfit is less challenging as the other suits, and most of the cosplayers could display the similar bleach Yoruichi in the show as long as you are not the special one, who has much fat or something unusual. Provided you are the zealot of her, you shall assuredly get fun from the cosplay.

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