Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Bleach Ichigo School Uniform for Cosplay

  As for blech Ichigo cosplay, apart from the Bankai coaplay costume and the Soul Reaper cosplay outfit, there is also the school uniform for your cosplay. One of the typical pieces is the autumn clothing which contains long sleeve jacket and trousers.

     Portray Ichigo by means of wearing this suit will bring you something special and different from the other Ichigo attires. If you have tried the other types, and now it is time for you make a change and taste the casual and relaxed feeling. What is more, it could take you back to the simple and lively school time.
   This bleach cosplay costume is also a hot choice among the other arrays. When dressing this piece you will only be the simple and common Ichigo who hasn’t the same power as the role of Soul Reaper but also a handsome boy. If you are tired of the busy and stressed life, and you will be relaxed as long as you put in this clothes on. Anyhow, you could feel that on if you try it.

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