Friday, August 19, 2011

Bleach Swords Perfect Your Cosplay

As for the activity of bleach cosplay, apart from the cosplay costumes, the cosplay wigs and the other acceessories, like the bleach swords also play an important part in it and they could perfect your cosplay show to some extent.
In the whole series, nearly all of the main bleach characters have their own personal weapon. Hence, the corresponding sword is necessary if you are such kind of cosplayer who in pursuit of perfection and the resemblance. In terms of the weapon, such as the Gin Ichimaru sword, Rangiku Matsumoto sword, Tōshirō Hitsugaya Soul Reaper sword and the Toushiro Hitsugaya Zanpakuto Hyorinmaru, bleach Renji shikai weapon, Kurosaki Ichigo Shikai cosplay sword and the bankai one and so on. Each of the pieces presents different appearance and is unique.
 Once you cosplay the exact character along with the sword which could enhance your cosplay level and you will look more powerful and much cooler.

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