Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bleach Hiyori Sarugaki Red Cosplay Costume

       When speaking of the Hiyori Sarugaki cosplay, the bleach Hiyori Sarugaki red cosplay costume is the typical piece, which comes with white V-neck shirt, red jacket with a letter of her name Sarugaki on the lefet along with the and pants.

Bleach Hiyori Cosplay Costume
Bleach Hiyori is a small, ebullient and violent girl with short blonde hair. She is such kind of girl who could impress others deeply since the first meet. It seems that she has endless enegy that we could always hear her loud voice although she is a little girl. I will feel invigorative when looking at ther or thinking of her. Hiyori is really a good cosplay choice if you also want to be an energetic and lovely individual.

If you are a quiet and shy girl, put on this Hiyori red cosplay outfit, you will be another different one from your daily life in the show. Of course the precondition is that you are enger to be such kind of girl. It may be a challenge for you. And if you just right have the same personality as her, it will be much easier for you to do this belach cosplay and to be the same as Hiyori. Anyhow, only after you wear the cosplay clothing, can you feel all the fantastic things about this show.

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