Friday, August 5, 2011

Bleach Ichigo Bankai Cosplay Costume

Even though there are so many different bleach Ichigo cosplay costumes, I prefer his Bankai apprarel to the other pieces. In terms of the bleach Soul Reaper outfit, it is somewhat common for that many of the other Soul Reapers wear the same pattern and what is more, Ichigo is not so powerful when in this one. And as his school uniform, he is only a middle school student who is kinda impetuous sometimes. 

Bleach Ichigo Bankai Cosplay Costume
However, because of his endless potential he could use the Bankai to defeat his enemies. When he begins to use the Bankai, the powerful force would be released by him and the accotrement will also become the corresponding Bankai clothes, which comes with the Kimono, overcoat and the belt. At this moment, he looks so handsome, cool and mighty to me. It seems that he could vanquish any enemy in front of him and he is capable of doing anything. This Bankai suit embodies the powerful Ichigo.

Cosplay Ichigo in this attire would also give you something pwerful and makes you strong enough to deal with all the difficulties in your life. Do you believe it? Just have a try and see.

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