Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Bleach Captain of the 13th Division Ukitake Jushiro Cosplay Costume

Bleach captain Ukitake Jushiro is one of the characteristic cosplays for boys and girls, due to the long white hair and delicate face, it is great choice for cosplay girls. What is more, this is a popular and easy type for cosplayers.

And this classic white bleach captain of the 13th division Ukitake Jushiro cosplay costume is composed of composed of white cloak, black kimono and white belt and the long white wig. Dislike many other captains, Ukitake looks quite weak but not muscular because of his illness in the aspect of his appearance, but he is also a powerful captain. Bleach Ukitake is a tall but bloodless man with long white hair and green eyes. Ukitake gains high reputation in Soul Society and is well-respected by others in Soul Society. 

If you want to be a beautiful male bleach captain, Ukitake Jushiro is a good choice. If you are into the male character with long white hair, try bleach Ukitake Jushiro.

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