Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Simple Bleach Visored Love Aikawa Cosplay Costume

Hey, big cosplayers and guys who has afro, this bleach Visored Love Aikawa cosplay costume would be an ideal choice for you to be eye-catching and recognizable with simple clothes, contains blue jacket with zip at the front and the matching trousers.

Obviously, it is really an easy cosplay. As one of the one members of Visored, Bleach Love Aikawa is a tall man at the height of 189cm and also the former Captain of 7th Division of Shinigami. He has brown eyes and often wears mirrored sunglasses.

    This jogging suit is the typical one that Love wears as the member of Visored, and he also has Hollow mask in battle. Hence, this bleach cosplay is really a great choice for black and big cosplayers.

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