Thursday, January 17, 2013

Beautiful Bleach 56th Arrancar Sun-Sun Cosplay

Wow! This is one of the best bleach 56th Arrancar Sun-Sun cosplays! She looks beautiful, the long hair and the white cosplay costume (in spite of the flaw in the material of the clothing it looks pretty). I love the whole feelings that this lovely girl presents, it seems that the bleach arrancar Sun-Sun is just standing in front of me. (I am personally crasy for long hair).

Hence, I love this bleach female character, Sun-Sun. And her real name is Cyan Sung-Sun, a slender female Arrancar with long olive-green hair, long eyelashes, and three pink dots below her right eye. Plus she has beautiful lavender eyes, like the eyes of the snake. 

Cosplay bleach Arrancar Sun-Sun is reall a good choice for cosplay girls who are into the long hair and easy cosplay. Take a look at this beautiful cosplay girl, some of you must be motivated, right?

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