Thursday, January 31, 2013

Bleach Rukia Kuchiki Cosplay in School Uniform

When we talk about bleach Rukia Kuchiki cosplay, there are really many different forms of this cute and strong-willed anime girl, such as the Shinigami form, the Dark Rukia, the prisoner Rukia, the summer school form and this winter school version and many others.

Personally, I love all the forms of Bleach Rukia, because she is one of my favorite characters (plus I love the couple of Ichigo and Rukia very much but not Ichigo and Orihime) :D There are some things in common between her and me. She is short in stature but has strong will and could deal with troubles on her own greatly, she is a girl but doesn’t act like a girl but like a boy in the sepect of her voice and actions, she is decisive in face of trouble. She has short hair but I have quite long hair, which is the noticeable difference.

Let’s come back to the school Rukia Kuchiki cosplay, these two girls do a great job including the wig, cosplay costume and the other accessories. They both have look-alike appearance with Rukia, hence, they really look like what they are imitating when they put on the wig and outfit. I love these two Rukia!

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