Friday, January 4, 2013

Bleach Arrancar Ggio Vega Released Form Cosplay Costume

     This is the distinct bleach Arrancar Ggio Vega released form cosplay costume showing in the pictures, which looks the same as the piece that Ggio wears in his released form, the hollow mask resembling the skull of a Saber-tooth tiger on the top of the head as a helmet, a mandarin-style jacket with a small opening at his chest part, sleeves rolled up to his elbows, an upturned collar and hakama which is slightly different from normal as the legs are rather close-fitting and lack the creases normal hakama have, black trim around the upper of jacket.

This bleach Arrancar Gigo Vega cosplay outfit is a somewhat easy clothing suitable for both boys and girls, for that Ggio is a young and slim bleach Arrancar with feminine appearance with black hair, along with a short braided ponytail at back and golden eyes.  He is somewhat cocky and boastful as all the Arrancars show in the battle. And he is a strong Arrancar to some extent.  

In addition, bleach Gigo Vegahas golden eyes and scruffy black hair. If you are fond of such type of cosplay or just want to try something different from sexy or kawaii, this bleach Gigo cosplay costume would be a good choice.

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