Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Bleach Arrancar Tousen Kaname Hollow Cosplay Costume

Apart from the Arrancar uniform that is mentioned in the former post, there is this bleach Tousen Kaname Hollow cosplay costume, which is made up of white long coat without sleeves, white hollow mask and black gloves. This piece is some what the same as the Arrancar one except the scarf and the mask.

In terms of this cosplay outfit, it fits any of us as long as we like because that most of our body parts would be covered by the clothes. Hence, it is a good chance for the fans of Kaname to be the same as him without concerning the skin and other aspects. Hence, if you are looking for some type that would hide your skin, this one would be a good choice.
In addition, Tousen is a dark-skinned male character of bleach with clear goggles, hence, if you just have such features and want to find the look-alike guy, this bleach cosplay is a great choice for you.


  1. I'd love to share my Shunsui cosplay with you but I don't know how to contact you! :(


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