Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Bleach Ichigo Cosplay Wigs

As the pictures show that there are main two bleach Ichigo cosplay wigs. One is in the white and another is orange. Actually the former one is the Hollow Kurosaki Ichigo wig, which Ichigo wears in the form of Hollow but not the really Ichigo.

In the preceding part of the anime, Hollow Ichigo is a tall and lean-built guy with white skin and hair. When speaking of him, the most impressive thing about him is his high-sounding laughter and psychotic countenance. He is brutal, arrogant and sadistic. Anyhow, he is still powerful even Ichgo defeats him finally.So this cosplay wig would star you the same as Hollow Ichigo in the cosplay show.

And then is the orange wig, this is the exact one Ichigo has in Bleach. Short spiny cosplay wig, it looks great and somewhat different from the white one. Put on this orange one in the show if you prefer this Ichigo,a more kindhearted and easygoing guy.

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