Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Bleach Hisagi Shuuhei Cosplay Costume

Bleach Hisagi Shuuhei cosplay costume is somewhat the same as the Soul Reaper member uniform from the outside appearance but there are really different. This suit is composed of sleeveless jacket, trousers and belt. Anyhow, we could easily figure out this attire from the other bleach outfits.
As for Shuuhei Hisagi, he is the lieutenant of the 9th Division, a mature and calm young guy. What impress us most is the "69" tattoo on the left side of his face. In my view, he is a cool and handsome individual. Maybe this is one of the main reasons that both boys and girls are into this bleach cosplay. We could find that there are many different cosplayers dress up as Shuuhei in the shows, whether boys or girls, they look so cool in the black cosplay outfit with the unique "69" on the face.
If you are a fan of bleach, and if you are interest in something characteristic, try this Hisagi Shuuhei cosplay. It will never let you down.

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