Friday, June 29, 2012

Bleach 4th Division Captain Retsu Unohana Cosplay Costume

     When it comes to Unohana cosplay, this bleach 4th Division Captian Retsu Unohana cosplay costume would be the first thing come to our mind, which looks the same as Unohana wears in bleach, composed of white cloak, black kimono, sash, socks and sandals.
As one of the oldest and most experienced bleach captains, Retsu Unohana always shows us her gentle and warm personality that augments her appearance. I think she is one of the best characters for female cosplayers, soft-speaking, polite and caring. Unohana is very slender and very youthful, with blue eyes and black hair. Usually, she wears the standard Shinigami captain uniform as the picture shows apart from using an obi instead of the normal sash. Her hair is long and is always worn as large braid in front, very elegant.
If you are just right a quite girl and have long black hair, this bleach cosplay would be your ideal choice. On my part, it is more suitable for the mature girls than the cute girls.

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