Thursday, May 2, 2013

Easy Bleach Arrancar Ggio Vega Cosplay Costume

 We could easily find that there are a lot of special but easy cosplay choices for us when we talk about bleach cosplay. And this Arrancar Ggio Vega costume is one of them, which is suitable for both boys and girls due to the special outside looks of this character. And this outfit is in the form of white mandarin-style jacket, matching pants and the white skull helmet, which is all about this bleach arrancar cosplay, no complicated clothes or accessories. 

       In terms of this bleach character; Ggio Vega is a young and slim Arrancar in femimine appearance, plus black hair and a short braided ponytail at back and golden eyes. The same as most of the other member, he is a kind of boastful and cocky in battle.

       Probably, the personality and the hairstyle, together with the skull helmet are the main attractions of this bleach character. And cosplayers could easily stand out by putting on the simple costume of Ggio Vega; why not give it a try?

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