Friday, July 26, 2013

Eye-catching Bleach Szayelaporro Granz Released Form Cosplay Costume

      There is no denying that most of the characters of bleach are recognizable because of their classic uniform. And many of them have eye-catching outfit but not the standard Shinigami uniform. 

And this bleach espada Szayelaporro Granz Released form cosplay costume is one of the distinctive pieces among others, which is in the form of grey upper, layered dress-like bottom extends from waist, white sleeves, along with many purple lines. It is indeed a noticeable anime dress that could capture people’s focus as long cosplayer appears at the party or convention.

Bleach espada Szayelaporro Granz is a handsome guy with shoulder-length pink hair, amber eyes and a pair of glasses in his normal Arrancar form. But his pink hair has various purple drop-like strands and his hollow mask becomes headdress, and he does no wear glasses but has purple markings around left eye. In one word, this is a complicated but eye-catching bleach cosplay.

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