Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Beautiful Bleach Riruka Dokugamine Cosplay

Have seen this beautiful and cute bleach Riruka Dokugamine cosplay before? It is so impressive, right? Probably, many of you don’t know this bleach character if you haven’t finished watching the anime or reading the latter part of the manga, because Riruka appears in from episode 343 in anime. But, as for cosplay girls, I bet a lot of them know this cute anime girl.
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As for bleach Fullbringers Riruka is a slender and young girl with wine red eyes and long hair of same color and she wears it into two pigtails, and between which she wears a white hat, she always dresses the white and black dress and black thigh-length boots. This bleach cosplay girl shows us accurate Riruka Dokugamine. This is totally a lovely and noticeable cosplay.

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