Monday, April 21, 2014

Cute Bleach Lieutenant Yachiru Kusajishi Cosplay Girls

Who is the cutest girl in Bleach? Probably, many of us would say Yachiru Kusajishi; undoubtedly, she is quite a cute anime girl among tons of others from different series. Hence, small cosplay girls would choose this bleach character for display accurate and popular looks amongst a sea of people at all kinds of anime conventions or other activities.

picture credit

picture credit

As the Lieutenant of the 11th Division, bleach Yachiru Kusajishi is an impressive female character in standard Shinigami uniform, she has shoulder-length pink hair and petite body shape. And it looks like that she is always in happy mood, because she is a carfree and sunny girl.

Here are some cute cosplay girls who are dressing up as this adorable bleach girl Yachiru Kusajishi. Who is the cutest in your heart?

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