Friday, October 9, 2015

Cosplay Bleach Espada Ulquiorra or Daily Ulquiorra?

Which bleach Ulquiorra do you prefer, the Espada one or the daily one? So far, it looks like that there are more cosplayers doing the former form of this bleach character, it is because this fact the white Arrancar outfit is more recognizable and typical.

picture credit Lin

However, daily Ulquiorra cosplay is also a good idea for people who are going to dress less overly-done anime costume, but also could be quite cool and recognizable. The heavy and unique make up on the face and the white skull would make any of us noticeable and popular, right? Just take a look at this cosplayer who is doing the two forms of bleach Ulquiorra, could you figure it out whom is girl/boy cosplaying at first glance? So, which one is better totally depends on personal interest.

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