Thursday, December 3, 2015

How to Tie a Shinigami Obi Belt – Bleach Cosplay Tutorial

Hi, guys, do you bother with tying your Shinigami Obi Belt for your bleach cosplay? How to tie it beautifully and decently? Here I am going to show you the tutorial, hope it will help you.
Step1: Put yourself in the middle part of the whole belt, and keep the two parts of the belt at equal length on each side of you.

Step2: Wrap the left part around the front of your body once.
Step3: The “cross” of the two parts should be at the back of your body so the hakama loop could cover it. The let part of the belt that you just wrapped around your body should cross under the right one in the back of you, while keeping the right part still.
Step4: After the cross, take the left part back over to your left side. You should ne have one very long belt on your right and a shorter one your left.
Step5: Wrap the long right part around the front of your body toward your left side. This should be crossed under the left part at the back of your body inside the hakama loop.
Step6: Now you should have a firm and straight base for your knot. Your right part will be slightly longer than your left part.
Step7: Put your left part over the right one so it creates a triangle between the belts and your body. And then form the first part of your knot.
Step8: Make the right part a “bunny ear” or one side of a ribbon bow out of it. Keep your right hand on the bunny ear base. The left part, like wise, do the same as the right one.
Step9: Now the belt should be hanging down on the left side of the bunny ears and your right hand should be sticking out of a hole created by the wrapped-around belt. Take the end of the belt and make the secondary bunny ear by pulling it through the hole your right hand is in.
Step10: Congratulations! You make it! You just need some adjustments.

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