Monday, May 21, 2012

Bleach Captain: 12th Division Mayuri Kurotsuchi Cosplay Costume

As the bleach Captain of the 12th Division of Soul Society and the President of the Shinigami Research Institute, Mayuri Kurotsuchi is an odd man with his weird accoutrement. One of his classical appearances is in the form of skeletal-like look, his face is covered by white color with the inner portion of his face covered by black except his nose, and he has golden eyes and exposed teeth that makes him seems to be smiling all the time. Plus, he also wears a white hat with two ends pointing to his right and a large purple scarf around his neck.

 In this way, cosplay bleach Mayuri is somewhat a challengeable cosplay to some extent and it also would help us to stand out in the show on the other hand. Kusajishi and so forth, we could always find the ideal choice from this series. This is the captain cosplay costume for this Mayuri cosplay, composed of cloak, kimono and belt, the typical Shinigami uniform.
If you want to display a cool and outstanding Mayuri, this outfit plays an important part in it.

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