Friday, May 25, 2012

Bleach Cosplay: Captain Mayuri Kurotsuchi and Lieutenant Nemu Kurotsuchi

As for the Mayuri and Nemu who are the captain and the lieutenant of the 12th Division of Soul Society, obviously, and they are a cool couple, especially for the outside looks of Mayuri, he could be one of the most characteristic captains among Shinigami members. It can be said that this couple bleach cosplay are one of the most distinctive and characteristic one among the othee bleach characters because of their outside appearance and personality. 

Mayuri’s skeletal-like look is really somewhat scary to girls but cool to boys, his face is covered by white color with the inner portion of his face covered by black except his nose, plus his golden eyes and exposed teeth make him indeed impressive. And personally I don’t like his bad attitude to Nemu.
As for this cosplay shot, two cosplayers do an indeed great job, they are impressive, and the captain does really an excellent job. He shows us a vivid Mayuri Kurotsuchi by his suitable makeup and suitable cosplay costume.


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