Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Pretty Bleach 56th Arrancar Sun Sun Cosplay Girls

Comparing with some extremely popular bleach characters, such as Ichigo Kurosaki, Ranigku Matsumoto, Halibel and Ulquiorra, Sun-Sun is a less popular idea, however she is anime girl who is distinctive and special and cosplayers would be recognized as long as they appear in front of people. The long hair and long white arrancar uniform is very noticeable.

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As the 56th arrancar in Bleach, Sun-Sun (her real name is Cyan Sung-Sun) is a beautiful and slender girl with olive-green hair, long eyelashes and three pink dots below her right eye.

Take a look at there bleach Sun Sun cosplay girls, they are very beautiful although in simple style of anime costume. If you are fond of some special makeup on face, don’t forget Sun-Sun.

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