Thursday, November 22, 2012

Cool Bleach Ichigo Cosplay with Hollow Mask

Bleach Ichigo cosplay, when we talk about this bleach cosplay, more often than not, there will be different Ichigos come to our mind, the normal high school boy in school uniform, the Shinigami Ichigo in typical soul reaper uniform, namly, the black kimono, the Bankai Ichigo and the Hollow one and so on.
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However, it is a safe bet that, most (even all) of would think that the Ichigo with hollow mask is extremely imposing and impressive, hence, we could find that there are coutless cosplayers are fond of mask Ichigo cosplay. It looks like that any of us would be cool and powerful as long as we put on the mask. What is more, mask is a perfect tool that would beautify our cosplay, especially when we have different face from Ichigo but want to display similar Ichigo, and the mask is the wonderful accessory for this imitation.
Take a look at these Ichigo cosplays, they are so cool with the hollow mask.

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