Thursday, November 29, 2012

Bleach Rojuro Otoribashi Rose Visored Cosplay Costume

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As for bleach Rojuro Otoribashi cosplay, generally, there are two outfits, namly, one is the captain uniform and another one is the one showing here, the black and white Visored cosplay costume, comes with black suit with a thigh length black jacket, plus the white frilled shirt with frilled cuffs and high collar. Yeah, this is relatively easy cosplay and some of us could find the similar clothes at wardrobe.

Bleach Rojuro Otoribashi is well-known as Rose and is the Captain of 3rd Division in Soul Society and also a Visored as well. He has long curly blonde hair and purple eyes. Hence, we could say Rose is a beautiful guy to some extent as his name “Rose” suggests. He also loves music and manga very much.
In this way, this bleach cosplay is a choice for girls to do crossplay, long blonde hair and the easy costume. And in terms of boys, if you are interested in the hairstyle and this bleach character, give it a shot.

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