Friday, January 10, 2014

Cool Bleach Quincy Uryuu Ishida Cosplay

Uryuu Ishida is one of mu favorite characters of Bleach; he is cool as a Quincy and is quite cute when he is doing sewing. As for Uryuu cosplay, there are many different anime costumes for cosplayers, the simple school uniforms, the purple summer casual outfit and the cool Quincy uniforms.

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Due to the special appearance of Bleach Uryuu Ishida, both males and females could pull off great Uryuu, because he has fair skin and average height. In addition, he has chin-length black hair and blue eyes, and he also wears glasses. As for his personality, he is a quite and solitary young guy.

This bleach Uryuu Ishida Quincy cosplay looks quite cool and accurate including the black hair, glasses, white costume and the weapon.

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