Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Cute Bleach 12th Division Nemu Kurotsuchi Cosplay Girls

Do you have long black hair? Are you looking for easy cosplay idea? If your answer is yes, and then you really should give bleach 12th division Nemu Kurotsuchi cosplay a try, it would make you a cute and recognizable cosplayer at any conventions.
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In terms of bleach Nemu, she is the lieutenant of the 12th Division, a soft, kind-hearted and passive girl, of course she looks very cute all the time, and probably it is because of his crazy captain Mayuri Kurotsuchi. In addition, she has big green eyes and slender figure.

Those bleach Nemu Kurotsuchi cosplay girls do look cute and beautiful, the black hair, along with the black and white kimono style costume make a noticeable Nemu.

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