Friday, July 18, 2014

What are the Popular Bleach Ichigo Cosplay Forms?

Have cosplayed all the forms of bleach Ichigo Kurosaki? What are the popular choices of this bleach character in your heart? We could find that there are really so many different Ichigo cosplays all the time.
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Ichigo in simple Shinigami uniform with the large sword is one of the most popular ideas for people who are looking for easy but noticeable cosplay. The Bankai form could make us quite cool by wearing simple anime costume. In addition, white Ichigo cosplay is such a noticeable idea because we would be in white except eyes. And the Final Getsuga Tenshou bleach Ichigo has all black things includes the hair.

Apart from these forms that have been metioned above, the hollow mask is suitable for different Ichigo Kurosaki cosplays.

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