Monday, September 1, 2014

Bleach Cosplay – The Good Halloween Idea

      Yay! One of the most wonderful and interesting holidays of the whole year is coming up, yeah, it is Halloween of 2014, and most of us are counting the days till this cool time, right? Obviously, there are plenty of girls and boys starting to make plan for it for the purpose of enjoying a meaningful time.

 At the same time, as the one of the most popular and pleasing Halloween ideas, bleach cosplay is of course a good choice for us to display and enjoy fantastic costume place this year. Whether you are going to dress up as one of the distinctive character of Bleach, or to do group cosplay, you could find the ideal male or female Shinigami, or espada or other characters from it.

      Ichigo Kurosaki in his Bankai form, Rukia Kuchiki in simple soul reaper uniform or the Dark Rukia, the cool Ulquiorra and so many imposing bleach captains and the like, any of them would bring us enjoyable Halloween.

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